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Welcome to the LG Speech & Social Blog, where parents can learn strategies to support speech, language and social skills through daily routines.

Stop buying specialized toys or workbooks. Stop changing your routine to incorporate speech homework. And stop feeling frustrated with a lack of improvement.

Instead, check out my blog to learn practical and effective ways you can support your child’s development through everyday interactions.

Modeling: A Super-Strategy for Language Growth

Modeling is a super-strategy I use throughout all of my early intervention sessions. It is the #1 tool parents can use to support their child's speech and language skills. It can and should be used with any child, in any and every parent-child interaction.

So what is 'modeling' and how can you do it at home? Read more on my latest MommyBites blog!

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Why Boredom Is Important for Kids

Boredom is inevitable and teaching your child how to handle themselves during these moments can boost self-sufficiency and creativity as they get older. It is even harder today to see the value in boredom, as the ‘problem’ can be so easily tackled with YouTube. But is that healthy? If not, what can you do when your child whines “I’m bored!”?

Read more by clicking on the link above!

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Keeping Our Brain and Body In The Group!

Is your kiddo having trouble staying focused on 1 activity or topic? Does he or she have difficulty in circle time in school? Instead of reminding your child to “pay attention” or “stay focused,” let’s teach them a more functional lesson: how to keep their brain and their body in the group!

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