First Step is a Consultation

If you are concerned about your child's speech, language, social or academic skills, call today for a free phone consultation. We will determine the areas of need, if a complete evaluation is recommended, and the best approach for treatment. 

Then a Comprehensive Evaluation

A Comprehensive evaluation may be conducted if your child has not yet been diagnosed with a speech or language disorder.  Evaluations may include a complete case history, family history, formal and informal assessment tools, observation, and oral-motor examination. A full report will be provided within two weeks of the evaluation. 


Once I have diagnosed your child's disorder, I build a coherent and achievable set of goals. I then begin providing in-home therapy, and provide detailed weekly summaries of strategies that can be carried over in the home to foster success. I specialize in Speech and Language Therapy, Social Skills Treatment, Play-Based Therapy, and Reading and Writing Treatment. 


Deficits in social cognition or social pragmatic language impact a child's ability to form friendships, maintain conversations, play, and interact with peers and adults inside and outside of school. These deficits also impact a child's reading comprehension, writing, attention in the classroom, participation in group projects, and many other academic skills. Social Skills treatment will target areas including, but not limited to: problem solving, perspective taking, pretend play, conversation strategies,whole-body listening, social inference making, and more. 


Individual speech-language therapy sessions allow Lizzie to target a variety of skills to help your child communicate more effectively. She will come to your home or any setting that is most comfortable for your child to learn. Sessions are offered in 30, 45, or 60 minute increments depending on your child's level of need. Skills targeted include: expressive language, receptive language, vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure; articulation/phonology, fluency/stuttering, and more. 


PROMPT Therapy

Lizzie is a PROMPT trained speech therapist. PROMPT therapy is a tactile-kinesthetic therapy program used to develop motor skills to produce speech. The clinician provides touch cues on a client’s articulators (lips, jaw, face, etc.) to guide them as they produce a target sound, word, phrase, or sentence. The program helps clients develop organized motor skills for clear speech, and eliminate unnecessary oral movements, such as sliding, groping, and inadequate lip rounding or retraction.


Speech and language disorders may significantly impact a child's literacy skills. Reading skills targeted in therapy include: phonological awareness; decoding, or "sounding out words;" reading comprehension; story grammar; main idea and details; making inferences; vocabulary and more. Writing skills targeted in therapy may include: spelling; syntax/grammar; paragraph writing, and more. Through regular speech and language therapy, your child may learn life-long study skills that will help him or her succeed in the classroom.


Play-based therapy is ideal for children 5 and under with speech and language delays. Pretend play skills are critical for children to thrive in a classroom setting. Children who regularly engage in interactive play learn perspective taking, problem solving, flexible thinking , and many other skills that will help them succeed in school. Play-based therapy will target these skills while simultaneously targeting expressive and receptive language, in a fun, low-pressure environment.