Lizzie Gavin M.S., CCC-SLP, TSSLD

Speech, Language &

Social Skills Therapy

Individualized therapy for all communication disorders. 

Lizzie's mission is to empower her clients to communicate effectively across all environments, both social and academic. She and her team specialize in treating social communication disorders. Children who experience speech, language , or social communication disorders may feel frustration at home and in school. They may tantrum because they do not have the vocabulary to express their needs. They may have difficulty reading and writing, making and maintaining friendships, and interacting peacefully with family members. Under the care of LG Speech therapists, children learn to communicate effectively, feel successful in social and academic contexts, and overcome challenges they may face across all settings. The LG Speech Team provides nurturing, holistic therapy that helps children reach their full potential. They create a fun, engaging environment in which children love to learn. 

The LG Speech Team provides treatment for all communication-based disorders, including: 

  • Receptive language (listening, answering questions, following directions)

  • Expressive language (late talkers, expressing needs, asking questions, telling stories, etc.)

  • Articulation & phonology disorders and Apraxia (PROMPT Therapy)

  • Play Skills

  • Social-Pragmatic language (conversation skills, attention, problem solving, etc.)

  • Language-based learning disabilities (reading, writing, spelling, etc.)

  • Stuttering

In order to facilitate carry-over of skills to all environments, LG Speech Therapists provide parents and other caregivers extensive summaries at the end of each therapy session. These summaries include descriptions of skills targeted, therapy activities, and strategies for carry-over at home and in school. For small children, they encourage parents to be involved in sessions so they may learn how to communicate in a way that creates lasting success.

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