LG Speech Therapy
Lizzie Gavin

Parent & Teacher Workshops



LG Speech Therapy offers a variety of school & family trainings to educate teachers and parents on speech and language development and disorders. The goal of these trainings is to help adults working with children understand typical language development and discover ways to support communication skills across all settings. Trainings cover a wide variety of topics, and can be tailored to meet the needs and goals of each specific school, community, or population.

SErvices offered:

  • Workshops

  • Lesson Demonstrations

  • Co-Planning

  • Consultation on Specific Students and/or Skills

  • Parent Discussion Groups

  • Speech-Therapist Led Reading & Play Groups

  • School-wide screenings

Parent workshop topics:

  • Strategies To Support Your Child's Language Development

  • The Importance of Play for Language Development Across All Ages

  • All About Language Modeling: What is it and Why is it so Critical for Language Development

  • Teaching Emotional Regulation From an Early Age

  • The Relationship Between Social Skills and Literacy Skills

  • Strategies to Support Vocabulary Growth (& Why Vocabulary Matters for Reading).

In-School Workshop Topics:

  • Typical & Atypical Speech and Language Development

  • Reading and Writing as They Relate to Speech and Language Skills

  • The Connection Between Pragmatic Language (Social Communication) and Literacy Skills

  • Teaching Vocabulary in a Meaningful Way

  • Supporting Bilingual Students in the Classroom

  • Prompting Hierarchy: How Teachers and TA’s Can Provide the Most Effective & Least Restrictive Prompts